5 ways to Make Money Online

Making money online can be easy as long as you have a plan and some tried and true tactics. 
  • Learning from others who are doing what you want to do 
  • Developing your mindset to one of success. 
  • Taking specific and consistent action towards your goals
Several types of activities can help you earn significant amounts of money online. You just need a plan and a website. 

Some types of money making sites are:
Ecommerce sites- you can sell just about anything online. If you want to sell hair and need some advice, let me know! 

Affiliate sites - selling someone else's services or products to earn commissions.

Niche websites - getting traffic to your website using keyword research on specific topics. This traffic either results in affiliate sales or ad clicks to you advertiser account on Google Adsense. 

Blogging sites - similar to niche sites and affiliate sites but you write regular posts in order to interact socially with people about personal topics that interest to you and others.

Marketing Networks - like Empower Network, that harness the power of  blogging and affiliate marketing and multiply it by offering 100% commissions on the products to their affiliates. Empower Network only charges the affiliates a nominal monthly fee to participate and affiliates are allowed to collect 100% commission on any product they sell that they also have purchased.  

I'm looking for people who want to learn techniques for making money online and enjoy learning in a group setting. please contact me if this sounds like you. I'll be sharing the resources I've found and lessons I've learned here on my blog, on social media and in person.

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