Saturday, August 18, 2012

WIN IT or Buy It - wigs, weaves, extensions and more

Can you believe some witchy person is flagging my free hair postings on Craigslist to be deleted?! Oh well, I guess there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

I have come up with a new plan to get all my awesome hair into the deserving hands of my social media friends.
It’s called WIN IT or Buy it.
Starting on 8/19/12 and every day (or so) following a new item will be posted here.
The same rules apply if you want to win the item.

  • Just like my Facebook page, share the post and comment you want the item.
OR....If you really want it - you can buy it for $20 (or less) plus shipping*.

If the item isn’t purchased within 2 weeks I will give it to someone on Facebook.**

Now all the stuff I’m posting on my blog for this is worth more than $20. I want to make this fun and affordable for my “wig a week” habit friends and my “long hair don’t care” friends.
And of course I want to make it fun for myself - I’m a social media fan and love the idea of being engaged with other people online!

So what do you think? Sound like fun? Well let’s do it then!

*The item will have a Paypal payment button on the page. You can pay me securely thru Paypal and I will ship the item within 3 days of your payment.
** If you can't pick it up you will have to pay $8.00 for Priority Mail

these are mostly one of a kind items. I may be able to get another if you really like it and want one but I can't guarantee the price of $20.

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