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Hair Extensionomics - price vs value of hair extensions

Price vs Value    Price or Value - which is more important?  The smart stylists knows that the value of the products and services they provide is one of the most important factors in providing a high quality experience to their client and it is also what enables the smart stylist to receive a higher price for these products and services.  Being educated about the products you use and passing this knowledge along to the client is what adds VALUE to all you do.  The Value is in giving the client good recommendations, using the appropriate products because you know what works, and gaining the trust of the client. After that, price is just a number you assign to the value.                                               
Quantity vs Quality    How is one pack of hair comparable to 12 packs of hair? If I were to give you a choice of one pack of hair or 12 packs, which would you choose? Most would say the 12 packs right? The following table and information illustrates the error of that thinking.  When it comes to quality, more is not always better.  The smart stylist is aware of this fact and uses it to increase the VALUE of the services they provide.                                               
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Basic 100% Human Hair for extensions (Sassy or similar)    This hair is single drawn hair that is bathed in acid to remove the cuticle, colored and coated with silicone gloss. The hair is made to last 2 to 4 weeks before it needs to be replaced. The reason the hair has to be replaced so frequently is that the silicone coating is not designed to stick to the hair with repeated washing, thus the more you wash this hair the faster it will wear out. The hair company knows this and they price the hair at a level that is considered "affordable" to their average consumer, however as you can see by the above chart, the cost of repeatedly replacing the hair is quite high over the course of a year. This is fine for the client who wants a quick change or frequent changes, but not for the client who is committed to wearing extensions for the long term.                                               
Better 100% Human Hair (Eve New York Silky or similar)    This Hair is also single drawn.  The cuticle is processed to prevent tangling and the hair is colored and coated to give it a shiny, healthy look. With proper care and maintenance, this hair will last 2-3 months and can last longer.  At this price and quality level, the client will have longer, better results and save money over all.                                               
Double Drawn Premium Hair (OSW)    This hair is double drawn.  The additional step of removing short hair from the overall length of the hair causes this hair to be more costly to produce and therefore more expensive to purchase. However, the hair is thick from the weft to the tip and does not thin out at the tip like single drawn hair does. The processing of the hair for tangle prevention and color is much the same as other hair. However, the overall quality of the hair is better so the hair tends to last even longer with proper care. This hair can last 4 months or longer, again saving the customer money over cheaper hair if they wish to wear extensions repeatedly.                                               
Double Drawn Remy (Elegante)    Not all remy hair is double drawn but all true remy hair has the cuticles intact which makes the hair stronger and last longer. Special care must be taken in the processing of this hair to maintain the direction of the cuticles and the hair must be sewn to the weft at the root so the hair flows in the same direction it naturally grew. This processing is more costly and the cost is reflected in the retail price. Most clients agree the added cost is worth it because the hair is much more beautiful and long lasting than other grades of hair. It can last 6 months or more with proper care and in the long run is still cheaper than purchasing lesser hair on a monthly basis.                                               
Virgin Remy (2oz)    Virgin remy is usually single drawn.  Usually, the hair comes from one healthy young donor so the hair tends to be exceptionally healthy and beautiful. The only processing done to this is normally cleaning and sewing to the weft. It is not colored, permed, stripped or chemically processed in any way. The hair is sorted into batches by natural hair color and blonds tend to be more costly than dark colors. The stylist can color and perm this hair with good results due to its virgin state. Alternatively, the hair can be purchased from the supplier already colored for a small added cost. For adding length and fullness, the average quantity of hair by weight is about 2 oz. and at that quantity, this hair is actually the best value for the client because it can be used for 12 months or more with proper care!                                               
Virgin Remy (4 oz)    And as you can see, purchasing the same amount of this hair as is in pre-packaged hair is realistically half the cost of the cheapest hair available since the client can use the hair for 2 years instead of one!
(nowadays if you shop around you can find virgin remy at a fraction of the cost in the table - CW)                                     

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