Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wigs for Kids ~ Children in need of hair replacement

A few months ago, I got a phone call from a young mother whose little girl had lost most of her hair after having brain surgery to remove a tumor. She was looking for a place to get an inexpensive human hair wig that would fit her child. They had found something that just was not working and had very little money to spend.

I offered to look into options for her and even at my cost, the options were well above her price range. In a flash of inspiration, I offered to make her daughter a wig, thinking it would only take me a couple of weeks with my other commitments.  I found a wig cap and bought remy, curly extension wefts and proceeded to make the wig according to the size of the very little girls head.

Let's just say it was a bigger job than I at first thought.

After several weeks, needing to order more hair, a delivery delay at the post office and hoping it would fit and they would like it, I finally finished the wig.

As I was making final adjustments to it, I thought, "there should be an organization that provides wigs for children like Layla."

Layla and her mom came over for the wig and she was so excited. She was all smiles! She had been waiting for this for weeks and now was getting to have hair again.

I was so glad I was able to help them and have encountered families like theirs many times over the years. So I did a little research for next time (because there will be a next time) and here is what I found:

There are a handful of non-profits that will make wigs for children and young adults with medically related hair loss.

Wigs For Kids
24231 Center Ridge Rd
Westlake, OH 44145 

30126 Harper Avenue
St. Clair Shores, MI 48082

Children With Hair Loss
12776 South Dixie Hwy
South Rockwood, MI 48179

234 Southern Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

This one is in the UK
Little Princess Trust
28 Castle Street

I thought about starting my own non-profit...briefly.  That is a lot of work and a business all of it's own. So instead what I am going to do is promote these other organizations and make contributions to them with the help of my customers, clients and friends. 

Also, if I have clients that want me to fit their child and order a custom hair system for them, I will do it at cost plus applicable taxes. Since I'm not a non-profit and can't offer tax exemptions for donations and must charge sales tax, I will also use 5% of my business profits to help offset the costs for my clients. Families and friends are encouraged to help with this as well. 

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