Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Special Occasion Hair - Extensions!

Hey Divas!
Got a special occasion coming up and need fabulous hair?

Weddings, Prom, Quincenera...

Have the full, long and beautiful hair you've always wanted with Flat Trax Hair Extensions!

What our clients are saying:
"I love my extensions! I didn't know how comfortable they would feel and how natural they would look. Crystal's Flat Trax worked perfectly in my hair."

"I've had them done twice now and can't do without them. Thanks, Crystal & Amanda!"

"Amanda always does a great job on my color so when she told me about Flat Trax, I let her do it and OMG! I love it!

Book your appointment today - Online or by phone! 509-783-2410

Flat Trax extensions are comfortable and do not require braiding or sewing. 100% double drawn remy hair extensions are included in the price.

It's your special day and you deserve special hair!

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