Monday, April 4, 2011

A crazy good social newtork

Well it's about time it happened. Someone came up with a way for the average person to take advantage of the power of the Internet to make money.  We have all heard the stories (and seen the movies) about the young internet billionaires whose websites made them rich. Well now it's our turn...!

Ok it may not be billions, but definitely a great way to make thousands of dollars of residual income doing something most of us do every day - social networking.

The website is called And that is exactly what it is... a CRAZY Good idea! On this site, every person can:
1. Socialize with their friends near and far
2. Give money to their favorite charity or non-profit organization
3. and best of all get paid for doing it!

I'm already a member and I really think you should become a member too! You may be wondering how this works. It's pretty simple.

The membership is $10 per month.
10% of that goes to the charities.
50% of that goes back to the members
and the remaining 40% is used to operate the site and of course pay the site's owners. ( it is a business afterall)

So what that means for us is that for every person we refer and 5 levels of people our friends refer, we get paid $1.  (10%x5 levels = 50%)

Your charity also gets $1 of your membership fee per month and anyone who chooses to support your charity.

After you refer 10 people to Crazygood, your membership is basically free ($1 x 10 = $10)

If you only refer 10 people and each of these people refer 10, you now have income of $100 per month. If each of these people refer 10 five levels deep, your income becomes $111,110!!! How's that for residual income?

You can use your social network for anything you choose as long as it is in line with the terms of the site. I am going to use my network to promote Just Hair by Crystal, offer special deals to my members, post instructional videos for Flat Trax hair extension technique, and any other information my members will find valuable.

What will you use your network for???

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