Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to buy lace wigs at REAL wholesale prices


I'm writing and e-book with my INSIDER SECRETS to buying lace wigs at the absolute lowest prices anywhere. AND I'm giving this information away for FREE! 

Along with the ebook, I will also publish my list of wholesale suppliers so that you can immediately start saving on the purchase of 100% Remy Lace wigs at prices just over the cost of synthetic lace front wigs. 
Along with the list, I will be giving away BONUS information including custom order forms, lace wig application tutorial videos, instructions for how to get your wigs repaired and re-newed and instructions for buying attachment and removal products at wholesale price as well.

The list and bonus materials, a $500 value, will be available for just $169.

The ebook will be available by January but if you email me now I will send you a special link for a 50% off coupon to use when the ebook and supplier list are released. Just put"book discount" as the subject of the email.

Email me and you will get the Free ebook, the supplier list and all the bonuses for just $85!

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christina said...

love it crystal you are fabulous

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