Thursday, September 30, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas ~ from Crystal

Hey all!  I hate to say it but the holiday gift season is upon us already for 2010!  My how time files! The good news is that there are PLENTY of deals to be found online. If you're an Internet junkie like me you'll be searching for that perfect gift and wading thru pages of stuff till you find just the right thing.

Well here's a start!  You just can't go wrong with real jewelry at discount prices!
Here are a few of my picks - brought to you by your friends at

This yellow, rose and white gold butterfly pendant symbolizes a renewal, a rebirth - spiritually, mentally and physically.  The butterfly's metamorphosis from a totally different form to a beautiful creature that can reach new heights is a great gift for the friend or loved one in your life who has achieved a similar rebirth and changed their life for the better! I'm feeling very butterflyish myself these days!

For more stylish and beautiful animal charms go to Vistabella's website!

For the tiny fashionista in your life, solid .925 sterling silver bracelets not only makes a fashion statement, it can become a keepsake and an heirloom for the future! Whatever your little Diva's style, you will find it at!
And finally, who doesn't LOVE unique and beautiful rings??? and at these prices you can get one for every finger!! LOL, just kidding! But I will totally rock this beautiful green flower ring with a Peridot and CZ accent.  

So there's just a few ideas to help you kick off your holiday shopping season!
Love & Blessings!

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