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Hair Extension Type Guide for Professionals (and well informed consumers)

This information was taken from a hair extension class I gave to salon professionals and students.  Many people are looking to be well informed on exactly what kind of hair is available and my motto is Knowledge is Power!

Human Hair
Human hair for extensions comes in a huge range of colors, lengths, textures and quality levels.  Your primary job as the professional is to know the options and recommend the best match for your clients hair and budget.  We at Just Hair are always available to assist you in this process.
· Premium Hair
Premium hair is a good quality hair for the client who is budget conscious, the first time client, and the client with temporary extension needs wanting the most natural look.  This hair has been harvested from healthy sources—usually Asian in origin, and has had the cuticle removed in an acid bath and coated with silicone to help in preventing tangling and matting.  This hair can last and be reusable up to six months, however most of the time the hair must be replaced when the service is re-done.  Premium hair is mostly wefted hair and used for clip on, bonded or weaved in extensions.  Premium hair also comes in bulk (loose) bundles that can be manually glued and used for fusion, however this is not recommended due to the inefficiency and length of time the hair will last.
Although premium hair can be colored using a single process color to darken the hair, it is not recommended because the hair has already been over processed.  Whenever possible, select the hair in the correct shade to match the clients hair color.
· Remy, (Remi), Cuticle & Virgin Hair
These names have been used interchangeably in the hair industry but really all have slightly different meanings.  If you look around you will find various definitions of these terms, however the basic meaning is that the hair is of exceptional quality.  It is cleaned, colored, textured & packaged—either hand tied for a micro-thin weft, machine made or pre-glued for strand methods. The cuticle is left intact.
True Remy hair comes from one person and is carefully processed to maintain the direction of the cuticle.
Cuticle hair also has the cuticles intact, but can be a blend of hair from many different donors.
Virgin hair can be Remy or Cuticle intact and has only been cleaned and bundled, pre-glued or wefted. No other processing has been done to this hair for color or texture. This is the only hair that can be safely dyed using peroxide. Results may still vary.

Double Drawn and Single Drawn
Both premium and remy hair can be double or single drawn.  What this terminology means is the pulling of short hairs from the bundle.  In double drawn hair, more short hairs are pulled out of the bundle resulting in a more uniform length to the bundle and fullness from the weft to the tip. Single drawn hair tends to be thinner at the tip than at the weft and will have a more wispy appearance because there are many short hairs mixed in with the longer ones.
· Hair Textures
Hair from different origins will have different textures. It is just as important to match your client’s texture as it is the color.
Asian hair has the most coarse texture.  It is usually thick and very straight, but can be made into very curly afro texture, relaxed texture (also called yaki or yaky) deep wave, spiral curls, body wave and any texture in between.  It is also made in every color you can imagine from natural colors to vibrant primary colors, mixed, frosted, tipped, etc.
Indian hair is also known as a European hair alternative.  The texture is fine and often the straight hair has a slight natural wave. It usually comes in the natural color as it was grown, but can be purchased in a small range of dyed colors. Some companies also texturize this hair from bone straight to tight spiral curls.
European or Russian hair is a very fine and straight hair.  This hair comes in natural blonds to black in a virgin state.  It is the most expensive on the market due to supply & demand.
South American and SE Asian hair is becoming more popular among ethnic women who want a virgin hair that is naturally curly.

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