Friday, July 23, 2010

Dior - Amazing Success, Timeless Beauty

I came across an article about the life of Christian Dior and it made me stop and think.  It amazes me how much impact one person with a passion can impact the future of an entire industry.
The Dior company was started in 1946 by Christian Dior. He was a master at creating shapes and silhouettes; Dior is quoted as saying "I have designed flower women."

Today, the Dior company holdings include the most prestigious brands available on the market and it is the worlds largest luxury goods firm. Just within the Dior brand there are many products. Dior Cosmetics, Dior Perfume and Fragrances (Dune happens to be my favorite in case anyone wants to buy me a gift) and of course Haute Clothing and Accessories which they are most well known for.

In addition to their own brand, Dior is also the parent company of Moet Hennesy and Louis Vuitton!

This totally gives me renewed strength and convictions that following your passions - be it Hair, Fashion, Technology, rock climbing...etc - can lead one to pinnacles of success in life.
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