Thursday, June 17, 2010

Synthetic Lace Front vs Mono Front

I have been rocking the BJ mono front wigs since they first came out.  I have to say that I really like these wigs and personally I prefer them to the lace front. The wig I'm wearing is similar to the Kimora Lace Front. It's called MHW 18.

Reason #1 - Fit

Being a bigger gal the fit of these pieces is perfect for the larger head. No lace to tear means better durability.  They have combs in front and back for a secure fit. They even seem to work well on my clients that have hair loss.  The mono front lays flat and the hair can be combed & trimmed into bangs in the front.

Reason #2 - Style

These pieces look good on everyone.  They come in so many styles and colors there just has not been one client that didn't look flawless in these pieces. The hair texture and movement is very natural too.

Reason 3# - Flexibility
Is it a wig? Is it a half wig? A quick weave??? It's all these...wear it with all your hair underneath or leave the bangs out and blend in for a totally YOU look...! Need a more permanent style? Braid your hair and sew it on.  (Use my synthetic styling techniques to make it last)

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