Monday, March 23, 2009

Product Review - Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

It was just a matter of time before the lace front wig became an affordable item in the ready to wear wig arena! If you have not heard of this kind of wig, it's not your fault - with a perfectly natural appearance, these wigs have been making the rich, famous, filmed & photographed women of the world look fabulous for years. And now it's our turn! Celebrities such as Beyonce and Tyra Banks have recently made the custom lace front a must have in the hair wardrobe of women around the world. These wigs are very expensive. They are custom made to fit the wearer precicely, using the best materials and the most beautiful human hair available.

A few prominent wig companies have taken the ball and run with it - turning the lace front into an item any and everyone can have.

I have sampled a few myself with the following results:
The Good - Lace Front wigs by Eve Hair. These wigs come in such a huge range of styles, it would be tough not to find one that looks good on. The available colors are also impressive as they vary widely from jet black to golden blond and most every color in between. The only problems I had with the wig is the fit - they are a bit snug on a larger head (like mine!) AND the lace is a bit rough. Putting the wig on, be careful not to scratch your forhead with the edge of the lace (it really is rough) and definitely wear a cap to protect your hair line from the underside of the lace. The cap is all machine made - like a regular wig, except the lace at the front. Therefore, these are not made to be worn in a high pony but a low pony will work. The wigs come with a little piece of double sided tape but since the lace is sturdy, we hardly ever use it. MSRP - under $100

The Better - C&S fashions has a fully hand tied synthetic lace front that is very nice. The construction is almost identical to the human hair version and unlike other synthetic lace fronts, the lace is soft. These wigs are still a bit higher in price due to the all hand made construction, but definately cheaper than the human hair. MSRP - about $300

The Best - In my opinion, the synthetic lace front by Beverly Johnson is the best around. The wigs are made much the same as the Eve brand, but with better quality materials and a much, much better fit. I have been wearing one daily for about 2 weeks now and I really love it. It is made with the "SynRemy" futura fiber, so it can be curled and flat ironed. Although it does not come in as many styles and colors as the Eve brand, I know the folks at Amekor are working on it and carefully selecting styles that will bring the best look for the clients they serve. The lace, tho sturdy, is not rough to the skin or hair line. It can also be worn without wig tape or adhesive. MSRP - just over $100.

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Crystal said...

Prices on these wigs have dropped dramatically. But with lower prices comes cheaper construction. Paying a little more generally means better quality from what I have seen.

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