Friday, March 20, 2009

Product Review - SynRemy by Amekor Beverly Johnson

By Crystal Willingham of Just Hair by Head 2 Toe

Product Review Syn Remy Collection by Amekor Beverly Johnson.

The newly re-packaged SynRemy hair by Beverly Johnson is actually the New Futura hair with a face lift. Calling it synthetic remy was not a bad idea and actually not far from the truth. This hair is super soft – it moves and feels just like human hair. With all the colors and textures you expect, this amazing product is well worth the $16 bucks a pack suggested retail. Use this hair for full weaves, extensions (bonded or sewn) and clip-ons…or any other creative use you can think of!

The main features of the hair are: It is a high heat resistant fiber that can be curled using medium heat iron (356F – 392F) It remains soft and tangle free for several days before requiring the use of flat iron or curling iron. It comes in a great range of colors, several blond shades, mixed colors and basic colors. It is available in 14 and 18-inch lengths on a very thin machine weft and as bulk hair for braiding.

A few tips for getting the most life out of this hair:

Tie the hair up at night, either in a pony or braid to prevent premature damage to the fibers.

I found that when I pulled that hair up, it maintained its style better than human hair does and needed little more than gentle brushing in the morning.

Brush the hair gently and avoid pulling thru tangles.

This will prevent the fiber from stretching and making the tangles worse.

Wash the hair weekly in warm water with a moisturizing shampoo such as Cream of Nature.

Be sure to use a braid spray on your scalp and braids that has ingredients like aloe vera and natural oils after washing and between washes (such as Jane Carter’s Revitalizing Leave in Conditioner). Dry your scalp and any braids you may have in your hair completely between washes.

Use a flat iron to smooth out any rough areas every few days. Mist the hair with water to ensure an even heat that cools quickly. When using a curling iron, take about 1.5 inch sections, mist with water or thermal styling spray, curl the section of hair and allow the curl to drop into your hand to cool for a few seconds before releasing. This will set the curl. You can also use rollers and blast the hair with a hot blow dryer. Make sure it has cooled before removing the rollers.

For Divas on a Budget, and Fashionistas that love frequent hair wardrobe changes, this hair is a fantastic alternative to real human hair. At a fraction of the cost and a great quality, we give this hair three thumbs up!

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