Monday, March 23, 2009

A Beginners Guide to Care and Maintenance of Hair Extensions

At Just Hair we see hundreds of hair enthusiasts each month and over the years, a few key maintenance tips have come up over and over. Your hair extensions are an investment in yourself that require protection. If cared for properly, hair extensions can look and feel good for many, many months. So here are some DO’s & DON”TS for the care and maintenance of your hair investment!

DO – Select the best quality hair for the price you want to pay.
There are many quality levels of hair and cost varies widely. A good rule of thumb is to buy hair that costs no less than about $90 if you want your extensions or weave to last for several months. You can expect less expensive hair to need replacing within 4 weeks or so.

Don't - Expect inexpensive hair not to tangle and mat up, OR even expect good extension hair to be exactly like your own.

DO- Select a technique based on how long you want to wear your extensions. You may only want to wear them for a few days or weeks vs. months and there are techniques that will be better and less expensive in that case.

Don't - pay for extensions without doing the proper research - ask all the questions you need before making a decision! Extensions are a commitment.

DO- Use salon quality shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate free products, mainly formulated for color treated or curly hair, are excellent for extension hair as well. Make sure the products are moisturizing, free of alcohol and silicones, which can be drying agents. Use good leave-in conditioners that contain natural oils, aloe vera and other botanical ingredients.

Don't use petroleum-based lotions and greasy pomades. This will weigh the hair down and lock moisture out.

  • Recommended product lines – 
  • Alterna Caviar, 
  • Kenra Color Care, 
  • Kenra Platinum, 
  • It’s a 10
  • ,Jane Carter Solution

DO – Use hot tools for styling WITH a thermal styling spray or leave-in conditioner as well as brush through the hair from root to tips daily. The heat from your ceramic flat iron or curling iron will help keep the smooth appearance of the hair and help prevent matting and tangling.

Don't – professional styling tools (such as CHI irons) are not meant for daily use due to very high heat and should be used sparingly.

DO feel free to call your salon professional with ANY questions or concerns before and after the service. You can even call us! 509-783-2410 & we will gladly answer your extension questions!

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