Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who we are & what we do

Head 2 Toe, a Limited Liability Company doing business as
Just Hair by Head 2 Toe - Purveyors of Fine Hair Products and Fashion Accessories.

Our store: Just Hair by Head 2 Toe is an upscale boutique and a full service hair salon in 1500 sf of retail space in the Rainier Plaza, Kennewick WA.

Our mission: To establish a fun and stylish business that is the main supplier and educator on fashionable wigs, extensions, weaves, hairpieces, and braiding styles for women of all ages and ethnicities in Eastern Washington State, as well as a premier location for non surgical hair replacement options for men & women.

Our Motto: Just Hair – Where Hair IS Fashion.

Our current products and services:
A large selection of wigs, weaves, extensions, hair pieces, hair care products and accessories available in our retail store.
A large number of suppliers with products we can custom order for our customers.
Professional cosmetologists and braiders in our full service hair salon.

Our Uniqueness & Competetive Advantage
As the only retail store & salon of it's kind in our entire region which includes Eastern Washington State, Northern Oregon & Western Idaho we have a local audience of more than 1 million people.

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Currently hair care is a $5.5 billion industry in the US. The ethnic hair beauty market accounts for $1.5 Billion. It’s not hard to imagine why this industry is so huge when you study our largest the target demographic, women between 18 – 50 years of age. According to Richard Hynes Vice President of North American Consumer Products for Alberto – Culver, 75% of women polled in a survey believe they have a “hair care problem of one definition or another”. This same survey also told us that 80% of the largest demographic bulge in our population, Baby boomer women, feel like it is very important to maintain an attractive physical appearance. Additionally 30 million women in the United States suffer from hair loss as well as 50 million men.

Our Customers: Whether our clients are experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatments or other medical issues, are preparing for weddings, proms or special events or they just need a new look, we can help them choose the hair that will accentuate their outer beauty and enhance their inner beauty. We take a very personal and hands on approach with our customers to make sure they have the best shopping experience. Hugs and prayers are given liberally, especially for our clients experiencing a difficult time in their lives.

At Just Hair we believe that when you look good you feel good! It's our goal to make YOU look Marvelous!

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